Jason's Projects



A verifying compiler for the Pi language presented in The Calculus of Computation.


Free subversion repositories. Easy web interface to create and edit the settings of your repository.


View, vote and comment on bills in the U.S. Congress. (Not fully working at the moment due to technical difficulties with a server transition.)

Sponsored Search Auction Research

View the poster from my summer research with Joel Galenson, or read the paper I wrote with Joel Galenson and Mukund Sundararajan.

Bioinformatics Research

I'm looking at ways to do haplotype phasing using partial pedigree information. I don't have anything to post right now, but perhaps I will soon.


Snake 2

A feature-rich Snake clone with multiplayer, a level editor, and online high scores. Only runs in Windows. Made during high school. Mostly here for nostalgic purposes.

Other Projects

Miscellaneous other projects made long ago that aren't important enough to be featured individually on this page.

Send any comments to jasonaue(at)cs.stanford.edu.